Affil project

The beginning of a long journey.
The precious artisanal patrimony of the postwar period is reinforced through a long journey made up of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice and is conducted with the idea of conserving the integral values of Italian production.


By challenging seasonal and ready-to-wear trends, Affil shifts attention to the creation of a timeless product, combining sobriety and uniqueness and always distinguishing itself with its stylish details.


Quality, durability, and sustainability are the values that define a production philosophy and the informed choices that exclude thoughtless consumerism and waste.


The choices that
confirm our origins.

AFFIL footwear are the result of careful research into form and composition.
All rigorously 100% Made in Italy.
They are the expression of an all-Italian style that combines aesthetic beauty with the pleasure of wearing a shoes that doesn't fear the test of time.


The state of
harmony that gives life to the “beautiful”.

A collection that embodies the concept of uniqueness in harmony with an eccentric, but graceful, design that challenges the evolution of fashion and the seasons.

Affil project

The unusual collection woman

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